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2018 the year ahead

2018 has started off with a bang!

Already half way into January and we’re moving at a pace. We’ve got websites lined up and social media postings to plan, we’re continuing with our regular charity drives too.

This year for us is going to be education based, teaching others, helping others to be able to learn, and our constant learning and adapting to this industry.

Give us a shout (or text or email) if you’re also up for learning in 2018, we’ve got lessons planned or, if you want, a bespoke lesson, tailored to your specific needs.

If you want to learn how to make your brand more visible, we can teach you that too. Social Media, done well, will elevate and enhance your company’s profile…let’s chat!

So, here we are, many new things in the offing and many of the same as last year, and the year before ( you know how this goes)…and we’re still looking to make an impact wherever we can… #educationiskey

Onwards and upwards in 2018!



Simple link…had to share this!


As a long-time user of O2 networks, and not always a satisfied customer, I’m glad they are making a move to reduce their carbon footprint, yes, but where does it leave me, the already displeased and ever-holding customer? I think the first time I hear a kettle boiling or “MOOOOOOOM, I can’t find iiiiiiiiiittttttttttt!!” will be the last day I use them.

Not altogether unhappy with the way their outlets operate, I’ve had fairly good service from them, always friendly and ready to help, i find though that the after-sales follow up and assistance lacks a bit of oomph.

I’ll wish ’em well and hope their venture works on reducing carbon, heavens knows we could use a bit less hot air around here, and here’s to a few more happy employees.


Hubspot, simply the best!

They’ve been around a while now and continue to help small and medium and larger businesses with all things online marketing.

Hubspot’s offerings of free, downloadable e-books, in exchange for your details and an answer of what you’re in need of with regards to marketing wise, seems a more than fair trade-off.

Hubspot have helped countless small business like mine and now I feel it is time to say thanks, so, here are two links to their latest and some really great books they are offering. I hope you find them useful, I did.



Go and register with these guys, you wont regret it!

WebDesign RCT and Hubspot



Stereographic Streetview

Center of your own universe? Not quite? well now you can be!


Some clever (or maybe bored) folk have created a way to turn the once SUPERCOOL streetview from Google maps into tiny little planets.


Hours of fun are to be had! Take a look for yourself (the address must be on streetview): http://content.photojojo.com/websites/make-tiny-planets-in-google-street-view/


Read (on the link above) how to make your own planet too!!

A world without free knowledge?

Can you imagine it?



In a nutshell:

SOPA is an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress, that would grant content creators extraordinary power over the internet, which would go almost comedically unchecked, to the point of potentially creating an “Internet Blacklist”, while exacting a huge cost from nearly every site you use daily.

[SOPA also includes an “anti-circumvention” clause, which holds that telling people how to work around SOPA is nearly as bad as violating its main provisions. In other words: if your status update links to The Pirate Bay, Facebook would be legally obligatedto remove it. Ditto tweets, YouTube videos, Tumblr or WordPress posts, or sites indexed by Google. And if Google, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, etc. let it stand? They face a government “enjoinment.” They could and would be shut down. Here’s the other thing: Payment processors or content providers like Visa or YouTube don’t even need a letter shut off a site’s resources. The bill’s “vigilante” provision gives broad immunity to any provider who proactively shutters sites it considers to be infringers. Which means the MPAA just needs to publicize one list of infringing sites to get those sites blacklisted from the internet.Potential for abuse is rampant. As Public Knowledge points out, Google could easily take it upon itself to delist every viral video site on the internet with a “good faith belief” that they’re hosting copyrighted material. Leaving YouTube as the only major video portal. Comcast (an ISP) owns NBC (a content provider). Think they might have an interest in shuttering some rival domains? Under SOPA, they can do it without even asking for permission.]


How is SOPA different from the earlier Senate bill called the Protect IP Act?
Protect IP targeted only domain name system providers, financial companies, and ad networks–not companies that provide Internet connectivity.

Because SOPA is broader, even some companies who liked, or at least weren’t vocally opposed to, the Senate bill aren’t exactly delighted with the House version.

Wired.com’s image says it all!



Without further ado…

…there is much to do!

So lets be off and get it all done. We’ve got some chirps to Tweet and some facts to blog ( you might even see our mugs in a vlog). Today is looking delicious from where I’m sitting, but trying to keep in mind the sneaky sneaky North-wind that catches me every time!! So, feeling rather content right now, let’s get a motor on with the ever-growing list of wishes from clients, and keep ’em happy and keep websites updated and social!!


2012 Alive with possibility!

Starting with a BIG BANG, for us, 2012 has arrived with some certainty!


2012 RCT Webdesign


Our vision to create and deliver a Social Media company for small and medium sized British businesses has (as to be expected) been a road with a few obstacles to challenge our ideals. However, we persevered and have come out tops, ready to serve  British small and medium businesses and help get them found by their potential clients!