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The Lowdown

Heading the team – our Director, Colleen. With a background in Public Relations and Communications she has 5 years of industry experience in the Chemicals industry, where she worked in Training and Development. Colleen was also the editor of an In-house magazine,an experience she relished!

In her few spare hours, Colleen is passionate about photography and can most often be found out and about with either of her trusty cameras and mono-pod. A great eye for the small things has lead her to many a happy customer, and many a fantastic photograph.

Colleen S RCT Webdesign Ltd
Petar S RCT Webdesigns Ltd

Our second vital cog in the ever-grinding wheel, Petar. The technical wizardry performed on websites all comes from this man. Petar’s background is in I.T. and prior to being co-director of this company, he owned his own successful company. With8  years of dusty computers “under his belt” Petar is taking the advice of a wise customer and is finding that using the grey matter, more than physical labour, is what is rewarding him these days.