Social Media Services

Website Design, Social Media, I.T. and Photography

We can tailor a plan for as much or as little upkeep of social media as you like, if you want maximum exposure on a tight budget, we can help. If you have a bit more in reserve, embark on a more ambitious campaign. It’s all down to what you want, and what you can afford, the rest we do.

Fees are normally tallied and charged on a monthly basis, even if you have only opted for a fortnight of work. If you would like your bill to come sooner, just let us know.

If you are not looking for a full package, we offer one off pricing (business boost), per hour for single items, it’s more targeted and cost effective if you’re just looking for a one-off.

  • socialmediapm

  • Blog
  • FB/Twitter
  • Other Social
  • Graphic design
  • 01

  • £35

    per month

  • 1 entries
  • Either weekly
  • 1 weekly
  • 2
  • 02

  • £65

    per month

  • 2 entries
  • Both twice weekly
  • 2 weekly updates
  • 4
  • 03

  • £80

    per month

  • 3 entries
  • Both daily
  • 3 weekly updates
  • 5

  • social media elements

  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Other Social
  • Blog boost
  • Logo or Header design
  • Copy writing/editing
  • Corporate Branding
  • business boost

  • £25

    per hour

  • Once off campaign/short project
  • Once off or returning usage
  • 5 - 10 entries
  • Once off or returning usage
  • Once off or short campaigns
  • Once off or returning usage

Like it, Tweet it, Pin it

Social Media, more than just a buzz word now. It is everywhere, we are living it. If your company is not engaging customers online on one or more social platform you are missing out!

This is a brief overview of what you can expect from our social media packages. We work in stages, namely engagement, conversion and retention, R.O.I. is key to any social campaign. Target specific and brand exclusive (we are not fans of waffle!)

Most popular platforms

We advise clients that using the most popular platforms is clever. They are popular because they have the biggest number of active users, active users equates to potential clients, which you already know means business!

facebook 3d

Facebook. Launched in 2004, this behemoth of social networking sites has over a billion users.

What we offer on Facebook:

  • Set up of fan and business pages
  • Media bursts
  • Online strategies
  • Implementation plans
  • Content calendars
  • Application integration
  • Voting mechanisms
  • Cover artwork and design
  • Facebook ads (to drive traffic to your site)
  • Competition
  • Vanity URLs
  • Tab creation
  • Community management and interaction
  • Reporting

Twitter 3d

Twitter, created in 2006, is a networking and micro-blogging site known for it’s 140 character limit. Text-based messages are known as tweets. In 2012, 7 years after it’s launch, Twitter had 500 million registered users, generating over 340 million tweets daily. You can be part of the revolution!


What we offer on Twitter:

  • Profile creation
  • Background design and personalisation
  • Copywriting
  • Development and promotion of your brand customer base
  • Customer interaction
  • What people are saying about your company/brand
  •  Latest software and tools to optimise  setup
  • Community management and interaction

Google plus 3d YouTube 3d

Google + and YouTube, both Google affiliates, both enormously popular and successful. With Google’s +1 circle scheme, you are able to share information with defined user groups, whilst YouTube provides a platform for viral (the good kind) content to reach billions in an instant.


What we offer on these platforms:

  • Account creation
  • Personalisation and customisation of pages
  • Online business cards
  • Customer service
  • Indexing of information
  • Targeting and connecting with consumer audiences
  • Brand development and promotion
  • Customer interaction
  • Tracking of brand following and customer satisfaction/complaints
  • Setup and customisation of your YouTube channel with a logo

  • Upload of relevant videos, new products, interviews and news
  • Strategies to increase the following of subscribers

Pinterest 3d

Millions of people use Pinterest in their lives and work. Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.

Be a part of the pinning revolution, get your brand seen by millions!

What we offer on Pinterest:

  • Profile creation
  • Vanity URL’s
  • Creation of boards and groups
  • Development and promotion of your brand customer base
  • Customer interaction
  • What people are saying about your company/brand
  • Community management and interaction

Linkedin 3d

The preferred social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn has almost 200 million monthly users and is said to receive around 47 million unique global visits every month. It is ideal for managing professional connections and networking.


What we offer on LinkedIn:

  • Creation of a company profile

  • Strategies to position your brand as a market leader

  • Creation of forums and discussions

  • The offer of value to existing discussions

  • Development of content geared towards education and information

  • Strategies to establish your brand as a credible source

  • Community management and interaction

  • Reporting


Flickr is one of the biggest and best photo management and sharing applications you’ll find online .

What we offer on Flickr:

  • Profile Creation
  • Set up sets/galleries
  • Uploading of relevant business media
  • Vanity URLs
  • Set up of groups and interaction
  • SEO tagging and Photomap creation


Vimeo is perfect for showcasing personal moments, creative projects, professional work and more.

Appeal to a younger audience with this fast-paced, on-the-go video sharing site.

What we offer on Vimeo:

  • Profile creation
  • Design and personalisation
  • Development and promotion of your brand customer base
  • Customer interaction
  • What people are saying about your company/brand
  •  Latest software and tools to optimise  setup
  • Community management and interaction